December Shared Plate Recipient – Hijos Del Sol

Hijos Del Sol Arts Productions is a longstanding, community-based organization providing professional art instruction for children and youth of underserved neighborhoods, including many that are homeless or in foster care, and families seeking a fresh start in the U.S. 

Hijos Del Sol Arts Productions creates opportunities, inspires children and youth, and builds community in the Salinas Valley through visual and multicultural arts education, experiences, and mentorship. There, young people are respected, they develop artistic and life skills, and explore and embrace their cultural identities. It helps nurture pride and connection to their community—an important aspect for children to grow up strong and whole in an increasingly isolating world.

Throughout each year, instructors and students design collective exhibits to showcase their work. In addition to visual arts instruction, Hijos Del Sol provides ample opportunity for exploration with interdisciplinary forms; exposure to historical, contemporary and cultural traditions; and practice with core life competencies, all while fostering the value of post- secondary education. An important strategy is to create jobs with allowance for youth apprentices that act as mentors to the next generation of up and coming young illustrators.* 

José G. Ortiz is the Founding Director and Lead Art Instructor for Hijos Del Sol Arts Productions. 

Please give generously to this organization.