Date(s) - October 02, 2022
12:00 pm-2:00 pm

Artist • Illustrator • Designer
October 1st to November 12th
Welcoming Guests 12 – 2pm each Sunday
Artist Reception October 16th 12 – 3pm

Lori has been aware of her innate, God-given gift of seeing the world and being able to portray its beauty, from a very young age. When filling in a black outlined circle in a coloring book, she colored it as a sphere . . . not a flat surface. Her mom recognized this and encouraged her to explore her artistic talent. Even today, she is still surprised by some of the images that emerge.

She has enjoyed a long, successful and award-winning career as a graphic designer and had her own design studio in Pacific Grove for ten years. She is still working, loves the challenge of each project and feels she learns something new every day!

Several of the illustrations in the show were created as feature images in graphic design projects.

Using a variety of mediums she tries to challenge herself to new ways of seeing typical images of people or objects in situ . . . reading a newspaper, sitting on the front stoop, a close-up of a flower or seashells.
She is incredibly honored to exhibit her lifetime of illustrations in this retrospective show.

“I really enjoy creating images that are simple, but tell a story.”

“I see objects in space . . . defined by light. I don’t use “line” but create images that are influenced by the light and shadow that surround them.”