July Shared Plate Recipient – Community Human Services

Community Human Services (CHS) serves low and very low-income families and individuals of all ages and ethnicities, including special needs populations such as homeless, pregnant and parenting, transition-age youth, migrant families, intravenous drug users, gay, lesbian, bisexual, transgender and questioning, and more. The ultimate benefit of CHS’ programs often involves a complete change for the better in the life of a client – a profound transformation. They do this though collaborative services centered around low and no-income housing and shelter services.

Mission: Community Human Services is a nonprofit agency dedicated to providing high quality mental health, substance abuse and homeless services to Monterey County residents to help them reach their full potential.

Vision: A community free of substance abuse, mental health challenges and housing instability.

Community Human Services is a 501c(3) public nonprofit and Joint Powers Authority providing high-quality mental health, substance abuse, and homeless services to middle and lowincome individuals and families in Monterey County, California.

Virtually all of the work we do at CHS addresses underlying conditions or root causes of personal, family and community problems, whether it’s addiction, domestic violence, mental illness, emotional health, homelessness, child abuse, or any number of problems that people have trouble solving on their own.

We help our clients develop new skills and support networks, learn new behaviors, and learn how to utilize community resources. Ultimately, our services effect change in the community by reducing the need for social services, law enforcement, hospitals, jails and prisons, and by improving school attendance, performance and social outcomes for children.

Monterey County relies heavily on CHS to provide these services every day to the neediest people in the community. They are experts in substance abuse, mental health, and homelessness.

Please support this worthy program generously