May 2022 Social Justice Suggested Actions


Tell Congress and President Biden: End?Title 42?and restore the right to claim asylum: U.S. policies should protect the health, safety, and human rights of all who seek refuge. But a policy called Title 42 has kept people from seeking asylum in the U.S. for years. A court order is keeping the Biden administration from ending it. And now some members of Congress want to amend the upcoming COVID-19 relief bill to keep Title 42 in place. Take action today.

The disparity between crack and powder cocaine sentencing laws has resulted in devastatingly higher sentences for Black people in America, unjustly tearing apart Black families and communities for over 35 years.

Here’s where the EQUAL Act is key. The bill would end this disparity – and has a serious chance of actually getting to President Biden’s desk. It passed the House with overwhelming bipartisan support – and now has the support of 11 Republican senators.

The problem? Midterm politics are already getting in the way of what should be a clear path to the EQUAL Act’s passage – and that means loud public support is crucial before senators go on recess.

That’s why we’re reaching out. Let’s make it clear to the full U.S. Senate that their constituents want them to choose people over politics: Join us in action by calling the ACLU constituent connector line to connect with your senators and urge them to pass the EQUAL Act:

Call the ACLU connector line at 1-803-784-4791.

  • When you are connected, tell them your name, that you are their constituent, and let them know that it’s time for the Senator to support the EQUAL Act.
  • Civil rights, justice reform, and law enforcement groups have already come together to support the EQUAL Act, and you urge them to do so as well.
  • You may also wish to mention that crack and powder cocaine are two forms of the same drug, and there is no scientific reason to treat them differently when sentencing someone.
  • The crack/powder disparity doesn’t make our communities safer and it hurts families, especially Black families.
  • Please leave a voicemail if you don’t reach someone in the office.

Make sure they know it: Tell your senators to pass the EQUAL Act now.

Thanks for taking action,

Aamra Ahmad
Pronouns: She, her, hers
Senior Policy Counsel, ACLU

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Can you imagine paying into a program to protect your own health or your family’s well-being but not being able to use it when you need it?

Paid Family Leave and State Disability Insurance are designed to make it affordable for workers to take leave from work when they are sick, caring for sick loved ones, or bonding with new children. However, paid leave remains out of reach to lower-wage Californians, who can’t survive on the replacement rate of 60% of their income.

Our California lawmakers are deciding right now whether or not to support SB 951, which would increase wage replacement rates for Paid Family Leave and State Disability Insurance to 90% for lower income workers.  FCLCA is a member of the California Work and Family Coalition, a co-sponsor of SB 951.  Take Action.

Make sure that your representatives hear from you before they vote.