New Book Discussion – Beginning November 7th

Rev. Axel is leading an 8-session discussion of the book “On Repentance and Repair: Making Amends in an Unapologetic World,” by Rabbi Danya Ruttenberg. In this timely book, drawing on the teaching of the 12th century Jewish physician and scholar, Maimonides, Ruttenberg invites readers “to explore practices for accountability that can bring us into wholeness and really make a difference in our personal, community, and national relationships.” The book is also this year’s UUA “Common Read,” recommended for UU congregations across the country. Please consider joining this worthwhile conversation and exploration.

We are meeting on first and third Tuesdays, beginning Nov. 7th at 7:00 in the Fireplace Room. We are also providing a hybrid option. Please contact Rev. Axel ( to register, or if you have questions, and please indicate whether you plan to attend in-person or via Zoom.

Please see our reading schedule below:

November 7, 2023 – Introduction and Chapter One: Repentance Overview
November 21, 2023 – Chapter Two: Repentance in Personal Relationships
December 5, 2023 – Chapter Three: Harm in the Public Square
December 19, 2023 – Chapter Four: Institutional Obligations
January 2, 2024 – Chapter Five: On National Repentance
January 16, 2024 – Chapter Six: Justice Systems
February 6, 2024 – Chapter Seven: Forgiveness
February 20, 2024 – Chapter Eight: Atonement