Regina Liske Quilt Shows November – December 2022

Regina Liske presents her two-part “Tis the Season Again” Quilts exhibit. The first show debuting ‘Early and New Quilts’, runs November 13 – December 4. The second show ‘Holiday and Christmas Quilts’ goes up Dec 4 through December 30. ‘Early Quilts’, Regina says, made in the 1980’s and 90’s tell stories of people in search, conversation or pleasure activities. They include landscapes, hexagon variations, and fabrics that inspired Regina’s ‘Flaming Chalice, Keeper of Fire and Light’ quilt hanging in the main lobby.

‘Holiday and Christmas Quilts’ will be the backdrop for Regina’s 90th Birthday Reception on Sunday, December 11th, 12-2pm with Paulette Lynch providing hammered dulcimer music during the celebration.