The Amah Mutsun Comment Writing Workshop 

The Amah Mutsun Tribal Band is asking for allies to submit comments opposing the Sargent Ranch Quarry Project to the planning.commission at by Sept. 26. 

The DEIR lists numerous significant and unavoidable impacts of Sargent Quarry Project that make this permit untenable, including 

a.     The destruction of the Juristac Cultural Landscape

b.     worsening air quality that would endanger people’s health, 

c.     200 truck-per day traffic that would overwhelm US 101 and the streets of Gilroy, 

d.     extreme disturbance that would block the movements of wildlife between Santa Cruz, Gavilan and Diablo Ranges, weaken genetic viability and chances for survival of cougars and other animals

e.     Severely impairing the existing visual character of the county-designated scenic route of US 101, and the view-shed for local residents.

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The Amah Mutsun Comment Writing Workshop