The Worship Associates Are at Work

Ever wonder how the monthly worship service themes and individual Sunday
worship topics are chosen? These issues are determined by the Worship
Associates Committee supported by our Music Director and Religious Exploration
Director and approved by our Co-Ministers. Decisions concerning the order of
service are similarly decided. Worship Associates meet monthly on the first
Wednesday of each month and also have a retreat semiannually to review the
monthly themes for the coming six months and discuss individual Sunday topics.
The next retreat will be held on December 10 th . Our Church subscribes to a service
called Soul Matters which provides monthly themes and background materials in
support of each month’s topic. Here are the monthly topics for the first six
months of 2023:
January – Finding Our Center
February – Love
March – Vulnerability
April – Resistance
May – Creativity
June – Delight
Your thoughts about the order of service and worship topics are always welcome.
Email Worship Associates Chair, Molly Lewis and she
will place your ideas on the Committee’s agenda for consideration at the
December 10 th meeting. Your help is always greatly appreciated.