Updated Information Regarding Proposed Budget

A small error in the administrative payroll portion of the 2023-24 Proposed Budget was discovered, and has been corrected in the updated version of the proposed budget and Annual Report.  (click here.)

The change in the administrative payroll is reflected in budget lines 72410, 12411, 72420, 72423, 72400, 72000, 73000.  The Total Expense increases by $8,134 from $680,307 to $688,441. In order to offset these additional expenses and retain a balanced budget, account line 41024 · Pledges for 2023-2024 Fiscal Year has increased from $373,075 to $381,209, raising the total for 41000 · Contribution Income and increasing Total Income to a matching $688,441. 

Finance chair Robert Brunson is happy to answer questions about this or any other aspect of the proposed budget.