Butterfly Blessings Mobile Created for Instllation Service June 2016

Sunday Services

Join us! Our services are intended to be inspirational, and warmly inclusive. We are delighted to have visitors to our services.

During the summer months, there is one service at 10:30 a.m. Closed Captioning is provided for the hard of hearing. During the service, we offer children’s Religious Exploration classes, as well as the Coming of Age class for our youth. 

The ambiance on Sunday mornings is informal and friendly. Greeters are available near the entrance to assist and orient newcomers. There is a social time for coffee and conversation each Sunday following the service.






May 28

10:30 am

Memorial Day

Jon Czarnecki & TW Theodore, Ray Krise

Our Memorial Day service is one of remembrance of our fellow citizens who have served their communities and country, and not returned in body or spirit. This year the service will make special note of a sad anniversary—100 years since this country entered World War I.


June 4

10:30 am

 Justice Sunday

Rev. Elaine Gehrmann & Katie Hamilton and Karen Araujo, Lauren Keenan, Mibs McCarthy, Laura Nagel

As we seek to gain a better understanding of the realities faced by our neighboring immigrant families, we will share stories about growing up in nearby farmworker communities, challenges in the lives of immigrants, and reflect on issues the congregation must consider in the upcoming decision about whether to become a Sanctuary Congregation. Additionally, members of the Immigration Justice Task Force will reflect on their recent trip to Sacramento to work with legislators in support of new laws to protect immigrant rights. Lastly, in solidarity with the Unitarians in Prague who are celebrating the 95th Flower Communion, please bring a flower to the service to share.

June 11

10:30 am

Guided by Joy

Rev. Axel Gehrmann & Robin Jensen

“We should all do what, in the long run, gives us joy, even if it is only picking grapes or sorting the laundry,” E. B. White writes. Engaging in enjoyable activities is certainly fun. But is our experience of joy indeed a reliable guide for how we should live our lives? And what gives us joy, anyway?

June 18

10:30 am

Resistance and Revolution

Rev. Elaine Gehrmann & Susan Holland

Susan Sontag has said, "The likelihood that your acts of resistance cannot stop the injustice does not exempt you from acting in what you sincerely and reflectively hold to be the best interests of your community." What are the best interests of our community? What will it take to resist? Are we resisting or birthing a revolution? Come join us as we reflect on the GA theme of resistance. 

 June 25

10:30 am

 Freedom  Robin Jenson & Rev. Trish Schwartzberg