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Sunday Services

Join us! Our services are intended to be inspirational, and warmly inclusive. We are delighted to have visitors to our services.

During the summer months, there is one service at 10:30 a.m. Closed Captioning is provided for the hard of hearing. During the service, we offer children’s Religious Exploration classes, as well as the Coming of Age class for our youth. 

The ambiance on Sunday mornings is informal and friendly. Greeters are available near the entrance to assist and orient newcomers. There is a social time for coffee and conversation each Sunday following the service.






July 9

10:30 am

Inherent Worth and Diginity of Every Person

Karen Brown and Sara Hargrave

This summer, the Worship Associates and guests will be exploring the seven principles of Unitarian Universalism. We will start with the first principle, affirming and promoting the inherent worth and diginity of every person. What does it mean to be in right relationship with others? How do we truly and deeply respect others in both theory and practice?

July 16

10:30 am

 Justice and Equity

Jon Czarnecki and Robin Jensen

Rev. Emily Gage says it best, “Justice, equity, and compassion in human relations points us toward something beyond inherent worth and dignity. It points us to the larger community. It gets at collective responsibility…” Robin Jensen and Jon Czarnecki take this service one step farther. Our second principle is more than just about responsibility, it’s about personal accountability – to ourselves, our community, our world. Please join Robin and Jon as they explore this core component of our religion on July 16th.

July 23

10:30 am

Acceptance of One Another and Encouragement to Spiritual Growth.

Rev. Dennis Hamilton and Katie Hamilton

As we continue our journey with the seven principles, we examine the third principle, affirming and promoting acceptance of one another and encouragement to spiritual growth in our congregations. Acceptance of EVERYONE? REALLY? And as for democracy, is it really the worst form of government...except for all the rest? We shall see. Join us as we welcome Dennis Hamilton, our former interim minister, to lead us in this exploration..

July 30

10:30 am

"The Courageous Search for the Truth: It's Who We Are." 

Rev. Dennis Hamilton and Ray Krise

Through our UUA covenant we affirm and promote the free and responsible search for truth and meaning.  From our "founder," the heretic Michael Servetus, willing to be burned at the stake rather than deny the truth, to Francis David, who also died defending religious freedom, we have the search for the truth in our religious DNA.  It is our sacrament.  Today we will explore the difference between belief and truth and the consequence for turning away from the truth.  Yes there is such a thing as Bad Theology.  We will hit that too.   Heretics, skeptics, agnostics, atheists and free thinkers welcome.