Christmas Eve service 
Through stories, readings, carols, and candlelight, this service celebrates the beauty and mystery of the season. 

Water Communion 
Held in August each year, the Water Communion Service celebrates our connection to one another. Participants bring water representing their travels during the summer, which are then joined to represent our community. This service also celebrates the beginning of the new school year for our children and youth. 

Flower Communion 
The Flower Communion is an annual tradition observed in countless UU congregations in the spring.  Originally created in 1923 by Unitarian minister Norbert Capek of Prague, Czechoslovakia, the ritual celebrates community, diversity, and beauty. On this Sunday, every worshiper is invited to bring a cut flower along to church. The flowers are placed in large baskets, and then distributed to all present. 

RE Sunday and Bridging Ceremony 
This service celebrates the Religious Exploration program: the children, youth, and adults who have participated during the past year. The Bridging Ceremony honors those among us  who are graduating from high school this year.

Music Sundays
We traditionally present two Music Sunday services per year, typically in the winter and the spring. We celebrate through the spiritual practice of music with presentations by our amazing collaborative pianist, Lucy Faridany, our children’s choir, our community adult choir, and various special guest musicians. 

Multigenerational Holiday service
The Multigenerational Holiday Service is presented by the Director of Religious Exploration, the RE classes and their families, as well as other adults in the congregation, and includes all that would like to take part. It changes yearly, and there have been services on various holidays around the world that focus on candlelight; an educational service on the Winter Solstice; a traditional Christmas Manger story, as well as different modern versions of it. The Multigenerational Holiday service also includes music that is sung by the Choir and Children’s Choir, and artwork that the RE classes helped to create.