The Caring Network is a central ministry of our church community.
All are invited to help our congregation be an intentional community of caring, ready to accept and connect, grieve and rejoice, respond and support. We seek to nourish empathy in our members so that we can better care for the physical and spiritual needs of our church community.

Our Work
Members of the Caring Network Steering Committee arrange compassionate help for members and friends during times of stress, and sharing during times of celebration. By offering support and sharing our triumphs and our despair, we strengthen and deepen our relationships. The Caring Network Steering Committee meets monthly to coordinate efforts to provide ongoing responses to needs as they arise.

A rotating team of volunteers staffs the Caring Network table every Sunday. We provide cards to sign which are sent to congregants during times of celebration or of illness or loss. We also give information on activities and programs in which congregants can participate. We look forward to connecting with you.

How You Can Help
The Caring Network Steering Committee connects helping members with members in need. Congregants provide the services for other congregants! Please consider if you can provide (or need) any of these services:

  • a ride to and/or from church
  • prepare and/or deliver a meal
  • assistance with household chores
  • a few errands
  • short-term child or pet care
  • transportation to appointments
  • a friendly visit at home, in a residence or in the hospital
  • short-term loans of orthopedic and other health care supplies, for example, crutches, walkers, or wheel chairs.

Please let us know if you can help others or if you need help. You can email us at, call our office at 624-7404, or come meet us on Sunday at the Caring Network table.