“Play Like a Four-Year-Old”

Susan Holland and Worship Associate Sue Ellen Stringer

“Children see the world differently from us grown-ups, because their expectations about how things ‘should’ be have not solidified yet!” – LEGO Build Yourself Happy – The Joy of LEGO Play

Are you stuck in “adult” thinking that play … read more.

“Virtues of a Virtual Life”

Rev. Axel Gehrmann and Intern Susan Panttaja

In the course of recent months, we have learned the value of wearing masks, washing hands, and maintaining physical distance – for the sake of everyone’s safety and to avoid spreading a dangerous disease. Many of our physical, … read more.

“Practicing Joy”

Rev. Elaine Gehrmann and Worship Associate Sue Ellen Stringer

The spiritual practice of joy is one that may not come naturally to you, especially in challenging times, but there is much to be gained by intentionally welcoming more joy into your life. Smiling, dancing, singing … read more.