“How Do We Culture Our Religion?”

Rev. Tet Gallardo, Laura Nagel, & W.A. Kathleen Craig
We all come from many different family cultures, ethnic cultures, and work cultures. Yet sometimes UUs are not sensitive to this great diversity. The UU Church of the Philippines recently submitted a proposed amendment to add … read more.

“Wholly Family”

Ann Jacobson & Karen Brown
We are all part of this church family, and we’re part of many other families too. This service will celebrate and honor many kinds of relationships, what makes them survive and what makes them thrive. Join in a celebration of … read more.

“Listen In”

Rev. Li Kynvi & W.A. Sue Ellen Stringer
One of the most important relationships we can cultivate is with ourself. Today we will explore listening deeply to ourselves and responding to whatever is there with accepting, gentle curiosity– whether or not it’s what we want … read more.