“To Die For”

Rev. Axel Gehrmann and Sue Ellen Stringer

For some it’s a delicious ice-cream sundae. For others, it’s the view of the ocean at Bixby Bridge. For me, it’s the perfect plate of pasta carbonara. That’s the light-hearted way we use the phrase “to … read more.

“Making Sense of Sacred Sacrifice”

Rev. Elaine Gehrmann and Katie Hamilton

In the book of Genesis, the story of Abraham and Isaac is often either exalted or condemned; viewed as either proof of Abraham’s devotion to God, or proof of his horrible fatherhood qualifications. What sense might we make of … read more.

“The Altruistic Impulse”

Rev. Axel Gehrmann and Mary Kay Hamilton

To read a transcript of the sermon for this service please click on this link: The Altruistic Impulse

If economists and evolutionary biologists are correct, human actions are largely guided by individuals’ self-interest and survival instincts. Various religious … read more.