“Love Languages”

Rev. Elaine Gehrmann and W.A. Ann Jacobson
Love is one of the most important and powerful human experiences. How do we communicate our love? What are some of the many ways we can give, and receive love? We sometimes struggle with interpretation, translation, and misunderstandings. … read more.

“Finding Your Center”

Music Director Camille Hatton, and W.A.s Lauren Keenan and Shannon Morrison
Many of us lead fast-paced lives, constantly rushing between work, appointments, social activities, and other commitments Midwinter offers an opportunity to slow down and go inward. When we let ourselves rest and slow down, … read more.

“Body and Soul”

Rev. Axel Gehrmann and W.A. Ann Jacobson
Many religious traditions imagine the realm of the spirit as otherworldly, intangible, and mysterious – an ethereal, heavenly realm removed from our mundane earthly existence. However ignoring the material aspects of our existence would be a grave mistake. … read more.