“Celebrating All Ages” Multigen Service

Rev. Axel Gehrmann and Erin Forstein and Elizabeth Granado

What a journey this past year has been! In this religious community that spans all ages, we have all learned a lot, and each of us has grown one year older. In this morning’s multigenerational service we … read more.

“Trampling Through Paradise”

Rev. Elaine Gehrmann and W.A. Bjorn Nilson

There is something about the beauty of nature that calls to us, and when too many of us answer that call, we can end up harming the very beauty we seek to cherish. How might we expand our appreciation … read more.

“The Multiple Meanings of Motherhood”

Rev. Elaine Gehrmann and W.A. Corey Brunson
Some of us are mothers, and all of us have had mothers– this Mother’s Day we will explore some of the many facets of motherhood, in all its joy, sorrow and complexity. If you have a motherhood anecdote … read more.