“New Wineskins”

Rev. Elaine Gehrmann and Worship Associate Ray Krise

This morning we will explore the challenges and rewards of exchanging old wineskins for new– how will new containers and expressions better hold us in community — in preparation for the UU General Assembly and more. If you … read more.

“Is There Nothing New Under the Sun?”

Rev. Axel Gehrmann and Worship Associate Ann Johnson

“The more things change, the more they stay the same,” a 19th century French author named Karr famously quipped. We like to believe in the possibility of progress and our capacity for self-improvement. We strive to build a … read more.

“All Ye Who Music Love” – Music Sunday

Jorge Torrez, Lucy Faridany, Rev. Elaine Gehrmann and the UUCMP Community Choir

Cease not daily, from morn till eve to warble gaily” is fine advice for birds AND humans longing for renewal. This Music Sunday we will be treated to a variety of wonderful choral offerings … read more.