“Of Wisdom and Wonder”

Rev. Axel Gehrmann and Ann Johnson

Religious wisdom is often associated with the deep insight and understanding we may acquire in the course of a long life. We imagine the young are foolish, while our elders are wise. And yet, spiritual teachings don’t necessarily … read more.

Water Communion Service

Revs. Elaine and Axel Gehrmann and Corey Brunson

Join us for our annual multi-generational Water Communion Service, a celebration of our community. Please bring a small container of water from someplace sacred to you, which you can contribute to this worship service for all ages. … read more.

Sense of Wonder

Mary Kay Hamilton and Robin Jensen

“Wonder” engages our senses, elicits curiosity and instills reverence. “Wondering” can also ignite distress and concern. Whatever we may experience or believe, we all have access to those moments that connect us to the wonder of existence and … read more.