Be The Light Campaign Update

As of Tuesday, 03/19, the church has received 75 pledges totaling $380.081.75. This is 79.2% of our goal, and 3.5% less than  last year’s pledge amount. While spontaneous donations are always appreciated, it is the pledged amount which largely sets the church budget level for the upcoming fiscal year (July 1, 2024 – June 30, 2025). If you have not yet submitted a pledge, please consider doing so before March 31.

We are humbled by and grateful to those who have already pledged, especially the 40 households who have significantly increased their past-year pledge, resulting in $44,611.75 in Challenge Match supplemental donations for next year.

If you have questions about the pledging process, please visit the Stewardship table in the Welcome Hall, before or after Sunday services. You can pick up a paper pledge form there, or pledge paper-free by clicking this link:

 UUCMP Pledge: General Fund, 2024 – 2025