Be the Light Update

(As of Tuesday March 26, 2024)

Total to date: 84 pledges, $399,281.75 (83.2% of goal; 1.4% more than total pledged last year; last year at this time, we were at $360,000 pledged).

Something to cheer about:  Challenge Match qualifiers: 44, totaling $47,616.75.

And more Five Percenters: 22 total (about 1/3 more than last year).  Impressive!

Days left in pledge campaign: 5.   Remember, please – IT IS NEVER TOO LATE TO PLEDGE.   Please get your pledge in, if you haven’t. We will keep counting as more pledges come in…beyond Mar 31.  Still crossing fingers that eventually we will meet our goal and celebrate it!

Amount remaining to meet pledge goal: $80,718.25