What is Breeze?

Breeze CHMS is CHurch Management Software which can be accessed through their website or their app.

How Do I Access Breeze?

Please email the UUCMP office, office@uucmp.org, and ask to have an invitation link sent to you to create an account or please visit https://uucmp.breezechms.com/login/create and use your name/email address to request an invitation to log in.

Either way, an email invitation will be sent to you to, “Create Your Unitarian Universalist of Monterey Peninsula Account” with a link to set up your ID and password.  (Remember to create a strong and unique password!) This will connect you to your profile in the Breeze database. If you forget your password, you can reset it. You’ll just need access to the email account you used when you created your log in.


You can access the Breeze website from https://uucmp.breezechms.com/ or select “Breeze Member Login” under  the “Breeze” tab on this website.

Breeze App

If you are looking for a Breezy way to access the Breeze database on the go, check out our Breeze app. With the app, you will see similar functionality to the web-based version. Only now, at the ease of your fingertips.

Because you can utilize this app remotely, it then allows for you to quickly look up members and visitors within your database to access their contact information. The app allows you to easily give online, access your giving history and Manage Recurring Giving.

Breeze offers an app for iOS and Android! Here’s where you can access either of these apps: https://app.breezechms.com/app

Login Information

The first time you use the Breeze app you will be prompted to enter our subdomain. https://uucmp.breezechms.com/login. After entering your correct subdomain, you will be prompted to enter your login information.

Once you log in, you’ll have access to these areas:

***Only congregants who have an account and are logged in will be able to access our online church database.

Dashboard – the page you first see after logging in. There is a “Customize Dashboard” button which allows you to choose which features will be displayed on your own Dashboard. You can also click-and-drag any of the tiles to relocate them in your Dashboard display.

People – Reveals a list of the People records in our database. Click on a name to see that Person’s current status and contact information. You can use the “Filter by Name” block to search for specific names. If you feel adventurous, try the “Show More Filter Options” selections to look for a specific group of People (for example, everyone with an address in Salinas). 

Tags – Pre-defined labels for a group of People in the database (example: “Worship Associate 2023/2024”). Most tags are stored in nested folders; click the folder name to see what it contains. A handy Tag which appears below the list of folders: “UUCMP Online Directory – Current”.

Events – a calendar display. The calendar in Breeze is secondary to the church’s main calendar on uucmp.org. Currently, we use Breeze to show Religious Exploration events, for which we track attendance.

My Profile – Information about you and your family members. (For Breeze purposes, “family” members are those living in a particular household.) Your Profile page explains which data is visible to others, and how to keep your own data current. Click the upper-left image area for instructions on uploading your photograph.

Give Now – A convenient option for donating to UUCMP. You can register a credit/debit card, or a bank account for electronic (“ACH”) transfer.

Settings (gear-wheel icon in upper right) – various features to manage your own account (for example, changing your login password, or seeing a history of actions you have taken). Includes the “Log Out” command for leaving your Breeze session; you will be automatically logged out after 30 minutes of inactivity.