As an expression of care for our community, and in recognition that the health and well-being of everyone are interconnected, UUCMP now requires COVID-19 vaccination, or documentation of a recent negative test for COVID-19, for anyone aged 5 or above who enters the building for Sunday worship services or other church-sponsored events.

Volunteers will confirm vaccine status as people arrive for in-person Sunday services. The church will keep a list of those who have shown evidence of vaccination – once your name is registered, you will be pre-cleared for building entry. You will not need to sign in for Sunday services; attendance notes will be kept by the entrance volunteers, in case contact tracing is needed later.

To get yourself on the list of vaccinated folks, please do one of the following:

IN PERSON: show your vaccination card, or a photograph of the card, as you enter. Your name will be added to the “vaccinated” list at that time.

ONLINE: email a legible photograph of your vaccination card to UUCMP’s special email address,

Unvaccinated folks can enter the building if they present official documentation of a negative test for COVID-19, taken within the preceding 72 hours. Home-test kit results will not count.

UUCMP still requires people in the building to wear facial masks and maintain social distancing from others not in their household.

You can read the full COVID-19 Vaccination Policy document on the church web site,

Thank you for helping make UUCMP safe for all who enter, and for supporting the health of the wider community.