February Shared Plate Recipient – The Village Project

The Village Project, Inc. (TVPI) is a non-profit organization located in Seaside, whose mission is, “To help our communities reach a greater state of well-being by strengthening families through the delivery of community-based culturally specific services.”

The Village Project, Inc. was founded to help meet the needs of the under-served African American Community. Their services are based on community-defined practices. Prior to TVPI becoming a reality, focus groups were held with a myriad of community members, such as grandparents, social workers, therapists, relative caregivers, civic organizations, pastors and grassroots individuals. As a result of input from individuals in these focus groups, it was clear that the community wanted a place where Black people could go to work through the challenges they faced and do so with the help of trusted practitioners in the community who looked like them and understood their cultural dynamics.

While the agency was founded to help meet the needs of the under-served African American community, they provide services to any individual or family in need. Additionally, providing services from one’s cultural identity is paramount to the philosophy of the agency’s board of directors, staff, founders and clinicians.

The Village Project, Inc., partners with community organizations, schools, faith-based institutions, and other agencies in order to collectively support children and families of all cultures in the work they do.

A number of UUCMP members are already supporters of TVPI both financially and as volunteers. Please join us in supporting this worthy organization.