February Shared Recipient – BLAAC

Who are we? Answering the clarion call of the Black Lives Matter movement, BLAAC facilitates
connection, dialogue, and cooperation among Black leaders, anti-racist allies, change making organizations, and concerned individuals in Monterey County and beyond in order to build collaborative relationships that make a difference and deepen the impacts of anti-racist initiatives.

Our mission is helping leaders and change makers achieve racial equity through dialogue, unity and shared values. Our vision is to create and promote healing, growth and change that advances social equity and makes progress toward the eradication of racism.

Our values include:

  • Being mindful of the environment so that when choosing vendors, products and methods we consider the environmental impact. Are they divesting from fossil fuels? Are they earth friendly (organic, sustainable)?
  • Demanding equity so that in all business dealings and interpersonal interactions equity is a top priority. Do they recruit, develop, retain, support, honor, respect and center Black and other People of Color, not just in word but also in deed?
  • Transparency. Our interactions with others are based on transparency, integrity and the edification of all people and agencies involved.

We offer racially themed movies monthly. The movies are free and provide an opportunity to discuss these themes and to connect with people who share similar interests.

Please give generously to help this organization do their work.