November Shared Offering – OCEN

Ohlone/Costanoan-Esselen Nation (OCEN) is an historically documented previously recognized tribe. OCEN is the legal tribal government representative for over 600 enrolled members of Esselen, Carmeleno, Monterey Band, Rumsen, Chalon, Soledad Mission, San Carlos Mission and/or Costanoan Mission Indian descent.
Despite missionization, government changes, broken treaties, devastation to our culture and loss of homeland, we have survived. We are waking our language, teaching our children and grandchildren their culture. Though other indigenous people may have lived in the area, the area is the indigenous homeland of our people.
Today all of our Tribal members have genealogy proven links to our thirteen core families. We work with a Tribal Government, Tribal Constitution and Bylaws. We have a Non-Profit organization, #77-0378095 whose sole purpose is to support the OCEN people.
Please consider helping us by contacting elected officials in support of OCEN’s Federal Reaffirmation. There is more information at

Please give generously to this organization.

– Tribal Chairwoman Louise Miranda Ramirez