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“Camp Out”

Ray Krise and Bjorn Nilson
It’s the Big Sur Campout Weekend! You have two choices this Sunday. You can join Revs. Elaine & Axel and the other campers at the Santa Lucia Campground for a short multigenerational open-air worship service at the banks of the beautiful … read more.

“Telling Our Stories”

Corey Brunson and Micah Forstein

Every day, each of us generates more data through our emails, purchases, internet browsing, and FitBits than our ancestors generated in a lifetime. What is missing from all this information, however, is our stories. A century from now, a great grandchild … read more.

“Water Communion”

Revs. Axel and Elaine Gehrmann, and Elizabeth Granado

Join us for our annual multigenerational Water Communion Service, a celebration of our community. Please bring a small container of water from someplace sacred to you, which you can contribute to this worship service for all ages. If … read more.

“My Life Flows On in Endless Song . . . and Other Life-Saving Acts”

Rev. Ben Meyers and W.A. Ann Jacobson
“As the twig is bent, so is the tree inclined.”
– Alexander Pope (c.1732)

Unitarian Universalism promotes the hope that life is a cradle to grave experience–that we continue to ‘grow’ new twigs/shoots/buds throughout our lives. In this post-pandemic time, when … read more.

“Deep Listening”

Sue Ellen Stringer, Mary Kay Hamilton, and W.A. Lauren Keenan

Deep listening involves creating a sacred space with someone by putting your own thoughts and feelings aside while giving attention to another person. As a listener, it is important to stay fully in the present moment … read more.

“Negotiating the Balance Beam of Life’s Journey”

Ray Krise and Bjorn Nilson

On life’s journey we seek balance and wholeness in our lives; the kind of existential togetherness which frees us to be ourselves, allows us to relate to others and to society with authenticity, and grants the of peace of mind and … read more.

“Sermon on the Mound”

Robin Jensen and Jon Czarnecki

Baseball is more than just a summer sport. It’s a game with a long history and a profound and lasting influence, not only on sports, but on society in general. It’s funny, sad, inspiring, and surprisingly symbolic of the world outside … read more.

“Roads We Have Traveled”

Micah Forstein and W.A. Lauren Keenan
Our lives take us on many different journeys, with many different adventures along the way. The path winds into unexpected places. Where has your journey taken you? Join Micah Forstein and Lauren Keenan to travel the roads of our lives. … read more.

“Blessings of Hard Times”

Rev. Craig Scott and W.A.s Ann Jacobson & Corey Brunson

We all experience hard times — in our own lives and in the world around us. And we might think that nothing good could possibly come from our darkest days. But often we discover that we … read more.