“Holding History, Releasing History, History That Changed My Life”

Speakers: Ray Krise & W.A. Natalie Fryberger

As we close this month of reflection on the theme of “Holding History,” we think today about the idea: “history that changed my life.” None of us lives the life we intend. History provides the challenges of experiences that happen and don’t happen beyond our control; we strive and succeed at our endeavors, but sometimes we fail. The examined life does well to take into consideration the past that has influenced our life experience and to learn from that past. We need to take care, however, that the past does not weigh us down with regret. And, history marches on. We likewise need to avoid worry about the future to come. How do we free ourselves from history to live authentically in the presence of each moment? The answer, on this Thanksgiving weekend, lies in our celebration of gratitude.

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