UUCMP Big Sur International Marathon (BSM) Volunteer Team

It’s time to sign up for the UUCMP Big Sur International Marathon (BSM) Volunteer Team. We’ve helped with the marathon and half-marathon for the past several years. We’ve had fun, increased our community’s awareness of UUCMP, and earned some money. BSM has made grants from $1,000 to $1,500 for our help in distributing t-shirts to runners. It’s a fun and easy job and you don’t have to get up early! We distribute t-shirts on Friday April 26 and Saturday April 27 at the Monterey Conference Center. Please sign up at the BSM Registration Link. The password is UUCMP. We need to have our 20 positions filled by 12 April. Please contact Karen Judkins, 270-401-2605 or Carol Collin if you have questions.