UUCMP Artist – Maria Poroy

Maria Poroy “Time, Love and Other Mysteries”
UUCMP Artist Show September28 – December 1, 2023

I create art by observing the world through the lens of my experiences and travels. Sometimes that lens is a fun house mirror and sometimes it changes reality with color. Color is the direct road to emotion and I am often told it was the color and texture that draws a collector to my painting.

I like unusual color combinations and I turn to mixed media when paint alone isn’t doing enough. I prepare uneven surfaces to paint on because I like the uncertainty and the looseness you get in your brushwork. Paintings evolve though many layers and often take unexpected turns. That keeps my work fresh and interesting. There are certain favorite compositions, and I like simplified buildings that fit together like a puzzle

I believe that the art you choose says a lot about you when people visit your home. It gives your room personality; the opposite of the effect you see in the vanilla décor of a hotel. But more importantly, does it make you happy? Does it make you feel you are at home? Is it complex enough that you discover new things when you enjoy it over the years?

I think most of us are creative in some way. I am creative with paint while others are also creative in making an environment that is a form of self-expression and source of comfort. It makes me happy when my art helps to complete the room.

One collector asked to see a green painting, but when I showed her an abstract called “Lifeline” she burst into tears. I would not let her take it because I knew the right match for her would come along, work with her room and cause no tears. This painting went to a collector who thought it felt uplifting and made her think of gratitude. That is what I consider good matchmaking. Another good match was a painting called “Grey’s Elegy” purchased by a literature major who understood it and even recognized my father’s favorite poem.

My work is largely intuitive with each stroke suggesting the next until we see balance and harmony. The painting tells me when something is needed and when it is done. Then I sleep on it and wake up knowing its name. Starting with the name is too restrictive. My studio has music to enhance my mood and cats who are likely to leave blue footprints across the floor before I can stop them. The studio dog sleeps through everything except a delivery of art supplies, which gets the artist pretty excited too.

I am honored to be represented by Venture Gallery in Monterey, The American Art Gallery in Carmel and ArtPic Gallery in LA.